• Introduction to live-in care workers

      Many people value live in care worker jobs because of the independent, flexible and controlling nature that it offers its clients. There are a few categories that live-in care work can be broken down into. But the main essence of the job category is that live in carers take up work while residing in the home of an individual who needs the services of a live-in carer for a given period of time. There are a few ways in which such workers could be introduced to the industry. One is by a private care agency who acts as a direct provider in providing home-care service. These agenci ...... Read More
  • Homecare Services- Care and Respect for the Senior Citizens

    Homecare assistance is an alternative to having to place a loved one in a nursing home or hospice care facility. This assistance seeks to aid the elderly and the disabled individual with their daily tasks. These tasks can include such things as doing laundry, dishes, and even tidying one's home. While many of the services can be non-medical in nature, there are also many homecare assistants that also offer medical related care as well. Some aspects of the medical end of care in the home can include monitoring medications, helping the individual with getting in and out of bed as well as ...... Read More
  • Do you need elder care services

    When your loved ones grow old, old enough to be dependent on you, you want to take care of them. However, if they are resistant to care, what can be done? You cannot change them, so change your approach towards them. This post is to help you understand how you can stop resistance to care from developing and encourage cooperation when caring for the elderly. After reading this post, if you still feel it is difficult to cope up with the responsibilities, you can opt for elder care services in NJ. When your loved ones grow old, old enough to be dependent on you, you want to take care of th ...... Read More
  • Duties of an In Home Caregiver

    When it comes to aging, few things are as frightening as the thought of losing your independence. When we have to depend on our friends and family for care, the outcome can be demoralizing. No one wants to have to ask others for help with personal issues, but when the time comes, an In Home Care in Washington D.C. a caregiver can make a huge difference. These professionals are trained to give expert care and understand the importance of having compassion and kindness to those in need.   If you’re in need of home care services near Boston, MA, contact our Boston Home Care Servi ...... Read More
  • Much of Alzheimer’s Information Creates Hope

    While many skeptics believe there is no hope for curing or reversing Alzheimer's disease, I'm here to tell you there is much hope. It's believed that approximately 10 million American baby boomers will develop Alzheimer's disease in their lifetime. If this is true, it will place tremendous strain on the U.S. health care system. At present at least 5.2 million Americans currently suffer from Alzheimer's. By 2010 it's expected there will be 500,000 new cases each year, and nearly one million new cases annually by 2050. This disease is now the seventh deadliest illness in the U.S. What is Alz ...... Read More
  • Tips To Prevent Slips and Falls

    The National Safety Council’s Injury Facts 2012 Edition reported that in the U.S., falls are the leading unintentional injury responsible for over 8.7 million emergency room visits each year. Falls should be taken as a serious threat, especially in the case of older adults. Health issues, gait and balance problems, the effects of medication, poor eyesight and other such factors increase the incidence of slip and fall accidents among the elderly. In addition, there could also be environmental factors that put them at risk of falling. Prevention is the solution. Here are some useful tips t ...... Read More
  • Personal Care Assistant or Adult Day Care?

    With the provision of a personal care assistant and adult day care, we are often confused with the option to choose for oneself or our loved ones. A personal care assistant is a companion, carrying out responsibilities like housekeeping chores, grocery shopping, etc. while in a day care for adults, there are elders accompanied in the same or similar age group. Here is an article, detailing the responsibilities of a personal care assistant and features of a day care, providing services for the elderly. Elder members often use the services of a personal assistant or adult day care. With o ...... Read More
  • Financial Professionals Are on the Front Lines in the Fight Against Financial Elder Abuse

    A Wells Fargo financial professional recently helped to save a client from losing money in a scam targeting senior citizens. The 78-year old client thought that he won an overseas lottery. Instead, he became a victim of financial elder abuse via a typical lottery scam. The Wells Fargo professional prevented money from being sent offshore, however money from another bank was sent out. San Francisco financial elder abuse attorneys warn senior citizens that lottery scams are abundant. California elder abuse attorneys warn the public not to fall for lottery scams. Click here for Home care s ...... Read More
  • Can Seniors Survive The Aches And Pains Without Deadly Drugs?

    My wife Lee and I live in the beautiful Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas near Hot Springs. We hike the Hot Springs National Park 2-3 times per week. Sometimes I forget to think of how grateful I am that my once very painful and chaotic life turned out to be one I wouldn’t trade for anything. I’m also blessed and lucky just to be alive. I have experienced totaled car crashes/thrown through windshields, walked through a sliding glass door, two small plane emergency landings, depleted my immune system for not being prepared properly in the one of two International Rice Festival Marathons ...... Read More
  • Personal Care Services: Tips to handle Sundowner’s Syndrome in the Elderly

    Sundowner's syndrome is commonly seen in seniors with Alzheimer's disease and dementia. The reason for the frequent occurrence of this condition is still unknown. Trying to know as much as possible about the syndrome and how to treat the symptoms is the only way to help the seniors take care of themselves. You have many professional agencies, providing personal care services to elders. They are well versed with the condition and have the experience and expertise to handle this condition. We have mentioned some tips that will help you with what to expect when you are dealing with an el ...... Read More

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